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Dec 11, 2012 5:00am PST
waved her right to speak at sentencing. >>> one website shows they are the second smartest city in america. they say it is a thriving entrepreneur all area which has more than 70 colleges and universities. others on that list, seattle and vancouver. >>> what is happening, sal? what is going on? >>> if the director, dave does not ask to put up a map to show where it is,s it is in -- where it is, it is in daily city and i moved the curser so show what happened. this car went over the side, very close to the olympic club. the car went over the side and san francisco and daily city are participating in the rescue and we are trying to find out more. it doesn't look like there is a huge traffic jam in the area but apparently there is some sort of a rescue and you can use other roots to -- routes, you can use lake merced to get around this problem. let's move on to steve. >> our weak system is not going to do much but it will increase clouds and westerly winds and some light rain and cold rain comes in tonight and early tomorrow morning. this is not a big rain producer but there is a lot
Dec 5, 2012 5:00am PST
members who say they lost sight of her. the state is investigating whether the staff members acted appropriately. >>> the city of dublin is the latest to crack down on tobacco. coming up the tough new regulations and how they all effect some businesses. >>> time now 5:38. tara is back. we have accidents. lots in the east bay. what happened? >> earlier we told you about the one on 580 northbound. that one is still causing delays. we also want to point out a huge puddle. now this accident 80 westbound at the san pablo dam road that is a two car crash. also happen to have a couple fender benders here 80 eastbound at buchanon street, west gilman street, and highway 24 westbound. if we take a live look at the golden gate bridge you can see how wet the roadways are out there. you can see the rain hitting the roads. and finally 280 at the 880 split down in san jose traffic is moving pretty well in all directions. 539 here's steve. >>> you can see on radar right off of marin coast and the san mateo coast with the line stretching from west to east right over the city. get a closer look at i
Dec 3, 2012 5:00am PST
at a mobile home park. that happened early yesterday morning at newels mobile city. a creek that surrounds the mobile home park overflowed causing the flooding. some of the homes in the path of the flood were damaged. >> i got my mom out. i took her down to a friends house down the street. you never know. >> heavy winds also caused damage. most of the water went down by yesterday afternoon. >>> time now 5:46. bart officials say they are not sure yet of yesterday's big storm is to blame for two separate service problems. coming up what it was that shut down the entire system for more than an hour. >>> 5:46 is the time right now. tara is in for sal. says it's a traffic hazard in napa. >> that is right we have a tree down. it's at meadow wood lane and it is blocking almost the entire roadway. no word yet on when crews will be able to get that cleared away. right now we will head outside. we'll take a live look at 880. you can see the traffic is flowing nicely in both directions. and at the mccarthur maze traffic on the far right hand side of the screen folks heading to the bay bridg
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3